Monday, December 19, 2011

Walk to clear the head

after the hot busy frenzy of Georgia's birthday party.

Lily's new leopard coat actually camouflaged her down by the river!
Cookie was thrilled to be out. (Poor thing, we had to leave her in her crate in the car because I didn't want her jumping up on children and stealing all the food.)

Someone leaves all these stone cairns along the mushroom walk. I love the surprising shapes of the odd towers among the trees. I think I know who does it but I don't want to ask him. I enjoy it being a mystery.

Rob throwing logs and breaking things on the walk as he likes to do. (He's actually clearing the branches so he can get his bike over the tree.)

We came home and cleaned up.
Georgia was sad her Grandparent's gift to her had not arrived on Saturday like it was supposed to (and like the online tracking said it would!)
It was Sunday, but amazingly the post office truck pulled into our driveway and handed the hopping-up-and-down-Lily a package for Georgia. Hooray! Her Bitty baby had arrived! She was happy and spent the rest of the evening playing with her new toys, while we parents cleaned up and got ready for Monday.

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