Monday, December 5, 2011

Now it's time for the neglected house....

So messy, I don't know where to start.
Oh how helpful. My husband has left me a note.
Makes me want to blog.

Here is my basket of essential oils I have collected over the years.
The teacher of my class, Kathy Duffy, did not have nice things to say about essential oils you buy in a health food store. She only gets her oils (and our class oils) from suppliers that she knows personally and from whom she gets amazing oils year after year. When I asked, "What about all my essential oils at home?" Kathy replied, "You could use them in potpourri for gifts." Hmmmm. A sad downgrade for my previously precious oils.

She recommends keeping our new oils in the fridge to keep them from oxidizing and spoiling.

They do smell spectacular.
I'm excited to make magic with them.
I put a drop of the Red Mandarin on a pillow for Lily when I got home at 9pm and she was still awake with a vomit bucket in her hand. She mumbled, "That smells good." (It is mandarin orange peel from Italy great for anxiety, insomnia and nausea especially mild for children and elderly) and instantly fell asleep.

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