Monday, December 19, 2011

Georgia's 6th Birthday Party!

Big sister Lily was a big help, although she was a reptile with a red tongue for a bit.

Decorating gingerbread cookies with her friends.

Lily turned out to be a wonder with frosting.
She made that exquisite elephant and decorated Georgia's very popular cupcake cake. (I made a chocolate whipped cream frosted cake that looked like a sloping and strange mushroom cupcake that no one ate!)

The finished product.
I am still not eating sugar or gluten so it feels weird to be offering all these foods to people (children!) that make me feel like such crap. But Georgia wanted cookies and cakes and that's just fine.
Blowing out the candles!

And opening presents.

She had a good time, although she was mopey when it was done. She has been waiting forever for her birthday. She's got some nice friends in kindergarten and really seems to be settling in to school and enjoying it. Thank goodness, no more sitting outside the pricipal's office for calling someone an "Idiot shit face!" Oh I didn't mention that? It was a difficult transition for a while, but she's finally got her groove.

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