Friday, December 2, 2011

Hospital craft fair (last one of the season!)

I had fun at the craft fair today. Last year I was so nervous because it was my first time displaying my Crow Lady herbal products and coming out as a witchy herbalist at work. But everyone was wonderful and really supportive. This year I felt rushed in pulling everything together, but once I go there I had a splendid time talking with people and selling my wares.

Last week when I made so little money at the craft fair I felt disappointed, but then realized something in talking to my mother and others (not Rob who is quite sick of bottles all over the couch and me taking over the kitchen counter with my sterile field.) I realized that I am making these products because I want to. Because I cannot pass a field of St johnswort blooming in the summer without a deep urge to stuff in in jars and pour oil all over it. I need to make flower essences in the light of the moon then drop them into homemade rose glycerin tincture, pouring that pink potion into pretty blue bottles. I want to make these potions and I want to share them with people. That is why I am doing this whole herbal business.

Knowing that took alot of the pressure off today so I just had fun talking with people and explaining my vanilla, tinctures and massage oil.

I ended up doing pretty well!
I sold enough to pay for most of the ingredients I had bought throughout the year, that really add up, so that was quite a success.

I brought the leftovers to Art and Soul a sweet gift shop in town.

where she was having a party so it felt like a festive place to leave my products and then pack up and head out of town for the weekend.

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