Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning!

I didn't have to work or be on-call for the holiday for the first time since Lily was born. It was so nice to laze about and not feel rushed. My family came and we had a nice time opening presents and eating in the crowded house.

A purple drum set, a stuffed animal tea party
finally a dog bed (We hadn't trusted she wouldn't eat it, but Santa apparently had more faith in Miss Cookie and you can see that Santa was right. That is a dog who wanted a bed by the fire!)

Thank goodness the snow cone maker arrived on Santa's sleigh. Georgia's mouth was numb and purple from her multiple snow cones.
Lily made a little nativity scene out of critters.

Georgia eating the ribbon candy I was talking about! My sister brought some for the girls. It is still lovely and still not that tasty (to me, Georgia was sold on it.)

The trampoline goes up!

Getting too dark to put up the enclosure, hopefully we'll do it sometime soon.

Someone is tired of photos.

Happy Holidays!

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