Sunday, December 18, 2011

To Cambridge for the Christmas Revels

We went by the Peabody museum of Natural History again this year.
Georgia was transfixed by these eggs.
She really has a deep connection to eggs. She yearns for them, to sit on them to take care of them.
She was curious who was tending to these.
We had to convince her that they were empty before she would walk away.

We couldn't walk through Harvard Yard because there were police guards all around preventing the Occupy folks from coming in and setting up their tents. You can see a few students had settled in and the administration were preventing any more. I tried to explain the situation to the girls and explain the Occupy movement, but I kept getting choked up when I tried to explain it, which puzzled them and surprised me.

Sanders Theater, with a food truck for the occupy crowd. My mother got a grilled cheese sandwich and said it was great.

Lily said, "Look there's Athena!" and I felt proud she know her Greek Goddesses.

The set was magnificent!
The lights delight me!

Georgia was nervous because last year ghosts roamed up and down the aisles. She sat on my mom's lap and worried (appropriately!) about the creepy beautiful skeleton that danced around the edges of the stage throughout the performance.

Dancing at intermission in the lobby! The horns were blasting from the balcony as we all song Lord of the Dance.

My sister and Lily applauding. It was a marvelous show, well worth the drive there and back (sometimes I wonder as I am packing them up in the car to go on these adventures..)

Fishing for starlight.
Suddenly all around us in the balcony there were singers holding stars.
Breathtaking! I started when I looked beside me and there was a woman in costume holding a light. She had moved in so quietly, I hadn't known she was there. I elbowed Lily on my left who jumped when she looked over, then she nudged my sister who also was surprised.

Then the woman began to sing gloriously!
It felt like such a blessing to be sitting there as all this magic was happening around us. It felt like how I imagine the angels that surround and support us, so powerful and full of light, so close and ready to sing, but usually we don't know they are there, just waiting for us to ask them for their help.

Here is a quick clip of the magnificent singing!

The chandelier, the stained glass, the reddish glowing wood!

The crowd at the end of the night.

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