Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mary, Jesus and a Lamb

Mother Mary Wallpapers 3

I was looking for an image to inspire me in the midst of the holiday chaos that was about to take me down.
Although I am not Christian, I am inspired by Mother Mary and Jesus. I love the paintings and the images the mother and son together.
My friend has some pet donkeys and we were talking about them someday starring in nativity plays which brought us to the story of Christmas: the stable, the sweet warm breath of the animals and the baby Jesus wrapped and put in a manger, which is a roughly carved wooden food trough for animals. A miracle in a very grounded setting.

In my work I see so many new mothers swaddling and holding their new babies with such love and awe. It is a momentous transformation, becoming a mother. I love that part of the Christmas story that sanctifies new motherhood and blesses the family as they are surrounded by the quietly breathing animals.

The Cherry Tree carol is one of my very favorite holiday songs and I sang it to the girls when I was pregnant and as a lullaby when they were young. Here's Joan Baez singing it on youtube.


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