Monday, December 5, 2011

Aromatherapy Class in Boston

I spent the weekend at Boston Medical Center learning about aromatherapy in the clinical setting. I am doing a 18 month program to become certified as an aromatherapist under my nursing license so I can use it at work and in my own practice.

I have been really looking forward to this weekend. I signed up months ago and justified the cost and time away because it is my birthday on Sunday and this will be a great birthday present! Work is paying for part of it and my mother and sister are watching Georgia and Cookie. Lily is staying at a friends and Rob is off on a bike weekend. My Dad is still in the hospital where they are watching how he responds to meds after his cardiac catheterization last week. It has been a long stressful week with him in there, but I could finally visit him, which was nice.

It was difficult to have every member of the family somewhere different. It made me anxious, but it worked out and we all made it home by Sunday night (except my Dad who gets a stress test on Monday and we'll see what happens from there.)

It is a lovely group of women, which is good because we'll all be working together for the 18 months. It is a strenuous program, the equivalent of a college level course with case studies and a research study and exam required for graduation, but I really enjoyed the lectures and the oils! The oils were so much fun. Part of the cost of the class is a little box of exquisite oils that we got to smell and spray and massage as we learned the scientific and medicinal history. Soon we'll learn the chemical components and how they work to do the amazing healing things they do!

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