Thursday, December 8, 2011

A dusting of snow

The sun is so bright, but it's cold.
I'm home sick from work with a stomach bug and I just had to go pick up Georgia after she threw up at school.

My Dad is still in the hospital in Boston. Turned out he had "malevolent" beats during his second stress test, so they put in a defibrillator in his chest yesterday.

If he gets shocked, he is supposed to go right to the ER.

I wonder what it feels like?
They told him, "You'll know when it happens."

Today when I dragged myself out of the house to bring Cookie for a walk I was feeling nauseous and overwhelmed, then I remembered, "Oh yeah, I could have just got diagnosed with breast cancer and be fitting in appointments and trying on wigs."
It's good to be here, to have a reprieve from our mortality, even with a stomach bug or a buzzer in our chest, shocking the heart back into rhythm.

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