Thursday, December 22, 2011

Georgia's pleas

A friend of Georgia's got an early visit from Santa clause and talked about it at school. Apparently he came, left some reindeer hoof prints and a curling iron, so the girl suddenly had glorious curls.
This killed Georgia.
She was furious that someone got special treatment and wanted Santa to come to her house early, too.

She left out this note each bedtime and then scoured the house looking for her slushie maker.

(What? Why the hell does she need a last minute slushie maker? And why would someone have Santa come early and torture the other children around them? I ask you? Is there not enough going on?)

Santa did not come to our house early.

Hopefully a slushie maker is coming on Santa's sleigh. I went to the office at their school to sign in and both the secretary and the nurse separately told me they really hoped Santa was bringing Georgia a slushie maker.
This surprised me and let me know my child is quite vocal at school.

They told me they had asked Georgia's teacher's aide if maybe they should give me a call so I knew how much she wanted one and he replied "I'm sure she knows." He was right, but I was very touched that they both knew what she wanted and thought I should know. Sweet!


  1. Katherine, SO funny! Talk about pressure, although we do 24 days of elf gifts..(little things like candy or trinkets).