Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nice surprise

It can be so exciting to walk through the nurse's lounge and discover a lovely card and present to all of us from a wonderful thoughtful family.
Of course, I don't expect gifts and usually feel like a new mom should be home sleeping, not worrying about giving gifts to her providers who were doing their job.
BUT, tonight!
This is my very favorite cake - Death By Chocolate from Greenfield's market with some fresh picked honey crisp apples and peaches from a local orchard along with a lovely card from a satisfied and happy family.
How great is that?

I was wanting a snack and there it was.
The woman snuck in and out so I didn't get to thank her and say hello.

But sometimes it is just sweet to let people's kindness and appreciation wash over you.
Especially while eating a large piece of chocolate cake with a group of laughing co-workers!

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