Monday, September 21, 2009

Georgia home sick today

She didn't feel well so she spent most of the night awake and most of the day sleeping. I had to go to my first day of teaching clinical after working last night so I got 3.5 hours of fitful sleep with her and then hated to leave her in the dark morning.
Rob used a family sick day from work and hung out with her. While she napped he put the final coat on our door to the upstairs that's been bare wood for two years.

I love it!

Lily came home on the bus to find the whole family home.

Here she is reading a Dora book to Georgia. She was very animated and it was sweet to see how much she wanted to comfort Georgia. First she tried roughhousing which ended badly and then she figured out that she could read to her! How cool to be a big sister.
Everyone is sleeping now and I'm off to bed after doing the bills.
Here's hoping no one wakes up with stomach pains tonight!

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