Monday, September 7, 2009

Georgia the cat-whisperer

She has a way with cats. She is obsessed. Rob is allergic so we have no cats and no plans to get any. Maybe we'll get a barn cat, if we ever get a barn.

We went to three different farms this week. Two of them because I was on a hunt for raw milk for my Primal Blueprint diet. One was our beloved Picadilly farm.

Somehow the cats appear during our visit and she goes after them in a focused relentless way that should get her scratched or bitten, but instead she ends up holding them! For a long time!

The black one near the pumpkins was at Upingill Farm (where I got some lovely raw milk in a glass bottle.) The farmer looked surprised that Georgia was able to corral and hold the sort-of unfriendly cat.

The tabby is from NMH farm where we saw a baby cow and enormous horses, but nothing topped the kitty for Georgia.

The bottom photos are of Georgia and Butternut, one of the three barn cats at Picadilly. Georgia walked around with her dangling in her arms limply for about 15 minutes. I started to worry it had some sort of spinal cord injury. Georgia was so very happy, as you can see.

The farmer there told us that no one but Georgia is that fixated on the cats. None of the other kids can catch them, but Georgia is persistence itself.

When It came time to leave she handed Butternut to the little girl who lives there, who saw that Georgia was sad, so she said, "Don't worry Georgia! I will hold her all day for you." This comforted Georgia until she had to get in the car and then she lost it, as you can see.

She cried for Butternut all the way home.

I told her one day she could have as many kitties as she wanted. She held up her open hand and said, "I want this many!"

Someday she'll have 5 cats of her very own. Until then we'll prowl around the nearby farms and our neighborhood hoping for a willing victim.

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