Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Funny bumper sticker

at the house neighboring our violin lesson.
So violin: here's the thing. I think I am so amazing for taking violin lessons. Remembering to show up and actually bringing the violin is a feat! But apparently to improve and keep Lily's interest and momentum, we have to practice more than 5 minutes a day. I keep hoping the great effort of lessons (scheduling, paying, remembering, driving, etc.) and pulling the dang things out most days will be enough! But now we have been instructed by our lovely, focused and accomplished teacher that we have to practice 20 minutes a day! Yikes! 20 minutes! It is a really long time. Our computer (with the i tunes where we play back the music) is in the kitchen; in the center of everything. Georgia tries to get involved and Rob is to cooking or getting in the fridge.
Uggh, We will have to move our music studio up to the study...
We have to get a bit more focused.
We do love the fun exciting lessons and enjoy holding and playing the violins; we just have to step it up.
Lily and I are having some friction lately, which is new and disturbing and, of course, aggravated by violin.
I do want to stick with it because she loves it and learns so much about music, practicing, memorizing, work, and other important things.
Also, for me, even if the rest of life is overwhelming, at least I am learning something I always wanted to learn.

So, this morning I tried the 20 minutes (I had done alot of verbal preparing , but Lily quickly had a meltdown.) It did not go well. She said, "You know, you are a bad mom!" It was the first day of school so I had to be calm and kind, but I was angry.
I see now the first day of school is probably not the day to do something new, but I thought why not just jump into fall and new habits?
Well, now I know why not.
I was very glad I had listened to How to talk so your kids will listen and listen so your kids will talk (thank you Emily) and tried to be empathetic, but it is difficult. (More on that on another post.)

We'll try it again tomorrow.

Here she is heading to her first day of second grade. She and her Papa rode their bikes.

Here's hoping she has a great year!

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