Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Rob was a
a hulky clown?
a zombie clown?
he was deeply insulted when my mother was disgusted by his green face and glowing fangs.

Lily was a witch with a scar on her forehead.
I was a witch with my new hat. (I still need a better photo.)
Georgia was tigger.

Down the street, trick or treating was hoppin'

It got really really cold, just as my mother said it would (I had thought she was being so worried and silly, but I was so happy she talked me into wearing a fleece vest or I might have had hypothermia by the time we got home!)

Georgia's ponytail peeking out.

Georgia, scared and tired and cold "my feet feel tingly, like soda," got carried by her uncle, the Bat Pirate.

So happy to get home and warm up in front of the the roaring fire to count out candy!
We'd only been out a little over an hour but it felt like the entire night had passed.
Happy Halloween!

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