Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lucky Us!

Remember that huge pile of firewood we were so thrilled to get delivered?
The one that was still there a month later?
The one that blocked the driveway and the door?
The one that was getting rain poured on it every other day?
Filling with chipmunk hotels?
Making us feel defeated and overwhelmed every time we came home?

Our amazing friends helped us pile it up! Hooray! They offered! And then showed up all peppy and hardworking! How lucky are we?

They wouldn't stop until every scrap was piled up or put in a kindling bucket.
We are so thankful every time we walk in the house.
Every time we don't have to move the cars so the other can get out of the driveway.
Every time it rains....

Ahhh, hooray for wonderful neighbors and friends.
Thank you guys!

And the kids discovered our very first egg in the chicken house.
They were so thrilled and proud.
The egg is tiny and the shell is soft.
Sweet chickens.
I almost forgot they were going to provide us with eggs!

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