Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkin carving

Lily made this fairy all by herself!
I am amazed!
All I did was glue the hair on.
It's tiny and the cutest thing ever!

Lily made a cat drawing on her pumpkin after much agonizing about what the perfect pumpkin would be.

I cut it out. Thankfully, I found one of those tiny knives I have been pushing around the back of the knife drawer since last year when I bought it for carving last year's pumpkins.

Last year we cut a shape of a turtle for Lily's pumpkin and the girls played with the turtle cut-out for a few days (which was slimy and wasted away pretty quickly)

Georgia somehow remembered this and wanted her own little turtle. I cut it out and she played with it, wrapped it in a dish towel and sang to it.
She named him Tiny Tim and first thing, she woke up and ran downstairs to find him and start their day together.

Sadly his back leg has already fallen off.
And she is leaving a slime trail wherever she brings him.
Oh Tiny Tim.

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