Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More tossing out!

I tossed all of this from my underwear drawer!!

A very big day for me!
A friend and I went underwear shopping for her birthday at a nearby outlet.

Who knew there was an underwear outlet 20 minutes away?

I have been suffering with pokey twisted broken uneven bras forever and old stretched out underwear (hate to admit I was still using a few pregnancy pairs. Yeah. That's how bad it was.)

I let the grandmotherly woman measure me on the sales floor and amazingly Georgia let me focus enough to buy three new bras (15$ each!! I had been saving up for a Victoria's Secret trip where the bras are 50$ each and here I got 7 pairs of underwear for 20$. ) Can you believe it?

Truthfully I had been waiting to buy new underwear because I thought (You know what's coming.....) "Oh maybe I'll get pregnant and these bras will never fit me again. I'll wait just a little longer..."

So my new comfortable underwear is another step into making the life I'm actually in, a good one (at least fewer wedgies and underwires poking me in the chest)

Here's to new undergarments!

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