Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rained out

Here's all our gear packed up for a day at the Northfield Inn Pool. We got free passes for the day from the library, which can be a rather cutthroat process.

I was hoping to open the book sitting on top of all the stuff there. Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser.
It was a gift from my friend Miranda.
The UPS guy came the other day, as he often does. Since I'm not using my credit card or buying anything; it is NEVER for me. It's always some weird bike part that Rob bought on ebay or traded for another weird bike part he had in the basement.

When I looked at the label I was astonished when it was my name.
I opened it up and it was for me!
With a nice note!
How exciting.

I've enjoyed the introduction and am hoping to read more soon.

Here's Georgia at the pool. She has a pirate band-aid on her forehead because she has a headache and thought it might help. She also has one on her knee where there was an invisible wound.

We got there, Lily got in, and suddenly there was the ominous sound of rumbling thunder.
We were nicely asked to evacuate and that was the end of that. We took a photo of the rain on the golf course pond and then booked it home.

We got home and watched the rain pour down from the front porch, counting the seconds between lightening and thunder. The shortest time between was 3 seconds and then Lily wanted to stop counting. The thunder was getting shatteringly loud.

We watched Tarzan in the room made dark by the storm.

Now it's sunny, but the pool is still closed.

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