Sunday, July 12, 2009

Green River

Spent the afternoon at Green River in Vermont visiting our friends who just relocated up there to a great spot by the river.

Rob loves to catch the crayfish. This one was big! The girls made a circle of stones and tried to contain them but they snuck out between or under the rocks into the soft sand. Georgia said over and over, "I don't want to hug it. I don't want to hug it." Although no one was suggesting she should. Lily and I did take a try at it.
Georgia adored the newt we found and held it on and off for about a half and hour before I noticed it was looking a little limp and tired so I put it back. She was upset.

Miss Georgia loves worms and newts and salamanders.

Then we had a thrilling find!
A dragonfly was perched on a rock, not flying away. It's wings were superbly iridescent and moist looking. I bent closer to see and there was the nymph casing it had just emerged from. Amazing. We watched it wait for it's wings to dry, but I got worried when the splashing girls came closer so I picked it up. It carefully stepped onto my finger and sat there tipping it's head, looking around at it's new world of air.
I passed it to Case, after a few moments, it flew up into the trees above us. Magic!

Then everybody got cold so Michele made a summer lemonade and grape party in the sun.

Even later, we went to the Marina and had a large expensive dinner we shouldn't have, but it was fun and while wandering around the Marina we looked up and saw a bald eagle fly overhead.

A great summer day.

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