Friday, November 4, 2011

Trick or Treat on Halloween

was sort of canceled, but we met up with some friends and did some trick or treating before it got too dark and we couldn't see the downed wires!

Georgia was to have an elaborate Hyena costume coming from my mother, but she couldn't make it out to deliver it due to the storm. Instead, Georgia ran upstairs and threw together a fairy outfit and some wings and she and Rob made a crown. Very nice.

Here she is holding Olive, the cutest pug in the world.

Lily was Tonks from Harry Potter and wore "clothes that pop"

Here's Georgia before and after a lick from Olive!

We trick or treated at our cars, some friends houses on Highland and then drove to Main Street where there was more of a party.

One lively soul had candles and pumpkins lit, leading us down a long dark road to "full size candy bars!!"

We went home to our dark home and lit the candles and got the fire going while Lily took a shower to get the orange out of her hair.

It was a fun night and we parents were glad to have less candy to tempt us than other years.

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