Friday, November 4, 2011

Oct 31st-Cookie's First Birthday!

We did the math when we first got Cookie in February and found out she was @ 14 weeks old so we chose a birthday. When we counted back it was somewhere around Halloween; so a Halloween baby she is.

Here she is licking her chops for a cornmeal muffin frosted in peanut butter, sprinkled with kibble with a chew stick for a candle; all creatively done by Lily.

Look at the size of that dog's tongue!

She was very focused on the prize during the song and hug. She ate it quickly. Between her recent not-coming-when-called, almost devouring the chickens, and humping everyone's leg, she didn't get a really big party.
But she liked her muffin.
I ordered a dog whisperer DVD today.
Soon I will be exuding calm assertiveness and the dog will settle down....

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