Sunday, November 20, 2011

Craft Fair with Lily

Lily sold her friendship bracelets, she ended up making as much money as me, filling custom orders until the end.

My massage oils (with Lily running in a blur behind them. It was harder for her to sit still than I thought it would be. She made alot of friends!)

Photos of the plants used to make some of the products.

Therapy pillows with flax seeds.

My magical cash box. The smell of lavender oil wafted out whenever I opened it.

My Lily making bracelets. It was such an encouraging loving crowd. The older women commissioned bracelets and called her a budding entrepreneur and a textile artist. She loved it. At one point I looked around and every woman in sight who was selling her wares was also wearing one of Lily's bracelets. It made me weepy, to have her help so tenderly with such support in a group of women I hardly knew.

Here her hands are moving in a blur as she fills her orders.

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