Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lights are up.

I was a bit hysterical this morning after my inconclusive-mammogram-phone-message yesterday. I called my doctor office first thing and got a follow-up mammogram appointment at 2pm and a promise I would leave with clarity (meaning a radiologist would read the films while I was still in the office.)

After some more breast-squishing and emailing films off to the radiologist, the lovely tech came back to tell me that the worrisome thing they saw were tiny benign calcifications, the size of grains of sugar. I will need a follow up in 6 months to see what they're doing. She told me I shouldn't worry and that I also shouldn't look it up online unless I wanted to freak myself out.

My dad's surgery went OK. he's staying overnight at Mass General. They put a stent in his heart where he had some blockages.

Jewel the rat died today. Georgia came home with a playdate and went to play with the rat. She yelled, "Mama, I think Jewel is dead!" Terrible. We wrapped her up in some soft fabric and talked about death and what might be in rat heaven. They thought: cheese, Jewel's sister Cakey, and nice places to curl up. I hope so. She was old for a rat. Always sweet with us, although she'd snap at Cookie through the bars of her cage when Cookie would come sniffing. Miss Jewel was quite a fixture. We will miss her.

But I think we're done with pet rats for a while. They are so sweet, funny and smart, but they die too quickly. I think Jewel had a stroke this last month and she was dragging her back foot around the cage. Uggh. We'd been feeding her very well since she got sick last month. She got her own little Thanksgiving dinner, complete with pie and whipped cream.

After we lit some candles for Jewel we put up the tree and listened to the Muppet Christmas Carols.

I got one of my migraines that don't hurt; I just can't see things in the center of my vision and there is a wobbly iridescent line in my peripheral vision.

What a weird day.

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