Friday, November 18, 2011

Craft Fair prep

Pouring off the St Johnswort oil

I have been harried since I got back from new York. I have a craft fair this weekend and I have so much to do to prepare.

Once I started doing the actual work with the oils and potions I loved it. My animal loves it. The oils and the smells and the way the plants have colored the oil thrills me.

Here's the red of the St Johnswort oil

The green of the Balsam oil

The gorgeous block of beeswax melting makes the room smell like honey.

St Johnswort salve, really potent for healing skin and relieving pain. They look like little desserts to me.

The Comfrey Root oil I used in my other batch of salves. It was thick like honey.

A tower of oils on my Reiki grid.
I charged everything on the grid and used the Seed Mantras I learned at pleasure camp to fill them all with healing power and grace.

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