Friday, February 8, 2013


My dear friend made me a spectacular gluten free chocolate cake for my birthday (It was a couple months late, but I didn't mind!)  It was amazing and a hell of  way to come off the 21 day sugar detox I had done for the new year.

The detox was great.  It was a huge amount of work to cook all those veggies and stay on top of the grocery shopping, but I did it with Rob, and it was fun.  I really do feel, for me,sugar is an addiction that is painful to break, but once I do it and few days go by; I feel so free and healthy.

This cake got me right back on the sugar train, but it was interesting to see how deeply satisfying it was to eat a piece of perfectly balanced homemade chocolate cake.  The friend/baker asked me if I liked it and I hardly knew how to respond.  I felt like I had a deep relationship with the cake.  I thought about it when I woke up in the morning and before bed at night.  I told her I spent the week making out with it, and eventually hid it from my family, hiding it in the back of the freezer and eating it in fudgy delicious chewy bites until it was gone.  I'm sure there's alot that can be said about that response.  It was a compelling cake.

Now it's gone and we'll see what I do.  I might end up doing the detox again, just to remind my body of the good wholesome fun of a kale smoothie.

This here is piece of an enormous jaw breaker that Lily saved up and got after a successful violin lesson/practice week.  Lord, my children love candy.  Again, it is very compelling.  Look at the colors.  Isn't it beautiful? 

My friend told me her husband was buying his grandkids candy at the drugstore and the oldest child was so beside himself with joy and delight he spouted from his height at the counter, "Oh Grandpa I just love you and your big hairy legs!"

There you have it.  The power of sugar.

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