Wednesday, February 13, 2013


We went to Honeydukes, which is the candy shop, next.  The colors and decorations were wonderful.  It was crowded, but I kept telling myself that this was actually a quiet day.
I did some online reading up before the trip and what people said was that the scale of the stores and restaurants were small and cozy to mimic the actual Diagon Alley, but that it made for a big crush of people when everyone was trying to get their Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans at the same time.  The staff in all these places around the Wizard world were friendly; seeing them dressed with colorful robes and hats, I imagined they had grown up reading the books and this was the closest they could actually get to Hogworts.

The "snow" was charming, but the mind was confused by the 86 degree heat heat and the people in summer clothes with the snow capped roofs behind them.

Here's the joke shop where is jester is saying "Please don't walk on the walls."

The girls picked out their candy and we waited in line.  Georgia got a chocolate frog and Lily some Bertie Bott beans.

Georgia shared a bite of her chocolate frog, but you can see it pained her.

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