Monday, February 25, 2013


by Silvia Hartmann EmoTrance

Two years ago in March I went into work overnight even though I was sick.  Rob told me to call in sick, but my intuition kept telling me to go in.  I tried to get out of it.  I kept asking my intuition in different ways, so I could get a NO but my body continued to tell me to go in.  My dear friend is my boss and she would have been understanding.  My nose was running and I had a sore throat.  Still I went in.  Rob shaking his head as I went to work at 9:30 pm to stay awake all night.  Not the smartest thing when you are sick.

When I got there I did the tasks I do and then as the night wore on I was looking at facebook, where people were talking about the tapping solution tapping summit.  Someone replied to a post by recommending Emotrance to help with some issue or another and I got a zing.  A jolt of something.  Emotrance.  I had the urge to ask my intuition. "Is that why I 'm here?  Is that why I came to work even though I feel like shit?  Did I have to find this Emotrance?" My intuition said yes.  I never look at facebook at home.

I use the sway technique to ask my intuition questions (see Martha beck explain it here  and over and over it said yes.  Huh.  I read about Emotrance and Silvia Hartman the mysterious creator of it who also was, it appeared, author, hypnotist and publisher.  The class to learn how to do Emotrance cost 400$ which was too much for me to pay, but I signed up for the emails and downloaded the first unit in the online practitioner course for free.  It was so clearly written and easy to follow the complex esoteric concepts.  I'd found an understandable scientific intelligent teaching about energy!  I loved it! It felt great. 
Like I was home. 
It was a great discovery and I was glad I went to work so I could find it.

The next day I got sicker and the two days after that was when I ended up in the ICU with sepsis.
The sepsis really kicked my ass.  The infection went to my brain and I couldn't remember my name, my husband's name, my mother's name or that I had kids.  It has taken along time to come back from that.  It will be two years this week. 
So, two years ago when I got some money from health insurance to pay for my bills, fresh out of the hospital, I asked Rob if I could spend 240$ on doing the emotrance distance learning course.  (They were having a short lived 40%  off sale!)  It was money we didn't have, but it felt important, like the last word from my intuition before I almost went to the other side, like something I was supposed to do.  He said, "Go for it."  I signed up and figured I would be done with the 8 units in a month or two.  But, actually I would take the next 2 years to work on it.  I'd carry each of the 8 units with me wherever I went. I tried out energy work wherever and whenever I could.  I read about energy nutrition while I had a quiet night at work, waiting ay a doctor's office, riding in the new york subway.  Each unit challenged something in me.  Can I do this?  Can I feel this feeling in my body?  Can I feel that person in my body?  Can I move that energy?  It has been two years of gaining the confidence, trying things out, writing it out and sending it to my teacher co-creator Nicola Quinn who then would read it over and send it back.
It has been an amazing amount of work.
It has been transformative in how I feel in the world and how I look at people, energy and emotions.

Two months ago I finished the final unit, which meant I had done Emotrance on actual people!  And had wonderful results that I wrote out and sent in as my final evaluation.  My friends were encouraging, saying they found the technique healing and useful.

When I started the process, years ago, I was listening to Pema Chodron, the Buddhist nun, talking about the goal of meditation and it struck me that it is the same as what we are working towards in Emotrance.

"Free flowing
Whatever is happening in that moment where we find ourselves.
Open and clear
This unobstructed spacious quality is accessible to all living beings."
Pema Chodron

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