Friday, February 15, 2013


One of the things I love most about Florida are the birds.
When I was a kid my family would come down every year to visit my grandparents and the birds always left a huge impression. I loved the wood storks, the pelicans, the cranes and the egrets.
Here is a Sand Hill Crane walking across the path at a bird sanctuary, about as big as Lily!

Below is a gator poking her eyes out from the marsh.  We all had to stay alert and make sure no one got cornered by a gator.  Rumor has it, they can run 40 miles an hour in bursts, so I was the most likely victim with my shin making me limp.  We made it out of the marsh in one piece and headed to the zoo.
Lily did a ziplining in the trees around the zoo with her cousin.
Fun and difficult to watch.  I kept wanting to remind the leader that Lily was only 10.  10!  Don't let her lead!  Make sure she's double clipping!! But I mostly kept my mouth shut and watched her do a great job up there. 

She felt very accomplished after her adventure!

Here are some Ibis.  I absolutely love these birds and their curved beak for digging worms in the mud.  They were sacred in ancient Egypt and are magical birds to me.

Family pic

Photo with Grammen, who had a good time at the zoo, too.

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