Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Evening Swim

The girls all went swimming in the pool while I sat in the hot tub.  How amazing is that sentence?  Lucky me.  My shin was killing me (I had somehow got shin splints from new shoes.  My nerves/muscles still aren't totally normal in my left foot so I think I compensated weirdly when I walked in new clogs.)  (And then ignored it until it really hurt.  Bummer.)  I was limping around in flip flops, but I decided the hot tub would help me heal. The girls did handstands in the lights of the pool, shadows swimming back and forth.  The night was beautiful and warm.  The stars were dim above and a sweet warm breeze wafted over us.
On the way home our frog-whisperer found a toad.  Happiness!  Look at that face!

More!A tree frog! and another toad!  What luck.

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