Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Time to take a trip to Florida!  It was Grammen's (Rob's mother's) 80th b-day and we hadn't been down to visit her for 7 years!  We got cheap flights ($190 round trip!) and Rob's sister put us up at her apartment complex where she's property manager.  Perfect!

I put on a prescription Scopalamine patch behind my ear for the trip (I have spent too much of my life puking), so I read a book, while the plane was tossed about by intense turbulence.  Everyone else was queasy but we made it without any dramatic vomiting.  Hooray!

We got there and it was warm!  We all loved reconnecting in person with Grammen.  She showed the girls how to do crossword puzzles, brought puzzles to do and motivated the whole crowd to play charades, which was silly and fun.

The first day we headed to the beach.  It was 85 degrees and we went to Tables beach for the day.  It was so surreal to be in warm weather with hot sand after a big snowstorm.

People were surfing in the big waves.  One surfer said the dolphins were out there with him in the waves, guiding him through and showing him which  path to take through the wave.

It made me want to be a surfer.  I watched them out there and many of them sat for a long time, just watching and riding the sea before they caught a wave.  I liked the looks of that.  Of the quiet part.  Of the watching and feeling the rhythm of the ocean.

I talked with two men, one older and one younger, while Georgia washed off her feet in the outdoor shower.
"You could do it."  said the older one looking me up and down."You could get out there."
Maybe I will.
Maybe I will.

Got to work on those abs.

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