Saturday, July 9, 2011


and other raptors at the Gill library today.

Tom Ricardi is so wonderful and kind with both the children and the birds. It is a deeply satisfying experience to be with them and see him lovingly take each injured bird like a treasure out of it's handmade wooden cage.

The vulture is his favorite. So sweet close up with its skinny head it reminded me of Cookie.

A great horned owl nibbling his finger.

After the presentation we asked to see the fluffy baby screech owl that was growing in his care and would someday be set free. After we admired it for a minute he leaned down to Lily and said, "Put out your arm." and she did and there she was with an owl on her hand! Astounding! We only had Rob's phone to take pictures because my &^%$ing new camera just died.

But it was magical.
Owls are Lily's spirit animal.
An injured one I found on the road at 5am when I was on my way to work sat on my belly when I was pregnant with her while I waited for Tom Ricardi to come rescue it. Long story. Lily and owls have a connection. It felt beautiful to see her hold a sweet wild owl that will someday be flying through the night on soundless wings.

Georgia got a glove for her turn.
They were so excited.
How special.
The bird had a quiet little meowish screech and moved its head 180 degrees. Its eyes were enormous!
I am over the moon because he said we could come visit the birds in Conway where he has over 60 birds he is rehabilitating.

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