Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Biddeford Pool

The trip to Maine was hot and long, but I was a genius and packed books on CD from the library. We listened to The Night Fairy which we have read before and The Secret Garden which I have never read, although it has been recommended to me countless times. We are still in the middle of that one. It is quite fun and gives Lily some hope that there are outstanding books out there that will amuse us now that Harry Potter is done.

My parents are watching Cookie. I miss her already, but am so thrilled to get a break from her. (Sorry Cook, but you bark and whine alot, chew stuff and steal food off the table. I’ll train you when I get home.) Jewel, the rat, is at my parent’s, too.

We will be gone for 10 days! Hooray. I am ready for ocean and sunshine!

We stopped in Biddeford Pool where Rob's uncle lives for our annual swim break 2 hours into our car trip. The day was hot and the waves were strong.

The last few years the ice cream truck has stopped when we are getting back in the car. This year there was no sign of it as we were packing up. I said, "Oh well, no sign of the truck this year. We'd better get going." Lily yelled, "Wait, I hear it!" Far far away was the sound of the truck's music. (The theme from The Sting.) I still couldn't hear it, but slowly it came and they got their Sponge Bob and Tweety Bird ice cream.

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