Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Georgia's first rainbow

A few months ago I was squinting up at the sky at the seam between clouds and sun, looking for rainbows.

Georgia had looked up at the sky and asked incredulously, "Mama, are rainbows real!?"

"Of course, they're real! Haven't you seen one?" I responded, shocked.

She asked again, suspiciously, "Are they really real?" She was wondering if they were in the same league as fairies and unicorns (Which I think are real, but the girls are realizing that much of the world might not agree.)

At bedtime tonight a thunderstorm moved through town.
I looked out the window at the cantaloupe colored clouds and there was a huge double rainbow! I squealed and ran downstairs with Georgia to look up at the sky. So beautiful.

Lily stayed up in her room and was annoyed we cut into Harry Potter reading time before bed and that we screamed really loud in her ear.

I was so glad to be able to show her something magical that she could actually see with her own eyes!

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