Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I was able to go to yoga class this morning.

It is a gentle yoga class and she puts in some chi gong. Lovely. It helped me feel balanced and clear.

We are half-way through vacation.

It is painful to think of going back to our harried life.

I love forgetting to put my watch on and having no idea what time it is.

I love realizing we can switch our physical setting and get along quite nicely.

I love having the garden filled with hosta and beebalm and day lilies that are not mine to weed and water!

And the hummingbirds!

And the ocean view.

I feel very blessed. Georgia is not as out of control as last year. It is wonderful to have the cousins here

But all the while:

My friend back home is dying of breast cancer.

She might already be dead.

My other friend at home is to call me if anything changes and I have not heard from her.

I am worried and sad, but then I remind myself that does no good.

So instead I am sending her Maine while I am here.

She loves Maine and last week when I told her I was going on vacation to Maine, she started to cry. I held her hand and said, “I will think of you and send you Maine, birds and waves and salt air.” She nodded. She is very sick. She is so gentle and kind.

I am sending her blessings for a beautiful transition. I am re-reading the final Harry Potter before I go see the movie and there is much that is beautiful about death in that last bit. I am sending her the light on the water, the seaweed undulating just under the waves, hermit crabs and star fish. I am sending them all to her along with the love to help her in her transition to another, beautiful peaceful place that must be brimming with light.

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  1. Her passing is such a loss. It was a sad day for Amy and I. We were so glad to know, Susan.