Thursday, July 28, 2011


Nasturtiums on the bridge in Camden.

Rob nibbling Georgia while we wait for our food at Boynton-Mckay Food Co.
I love Camden.
There are such beautiful gardens right near the sea.

Blooming Hollyhocks that I keep trying to grow at home. I planted some seeds a few weeks ago. Hopefully it rains while we are away and we'll have some blooms next year.
There are a couple of fun kid shops in Camden so there is alot of panic and excitement from the children about buying stuffed animals and trinkets. Rob tried to have them earn money doing chores before we went on vacation so they each had about 10 dollars that they blew in 5 minutes.
One of the treats Lily bought was a box of Harry Potter Bernie Bott's Every Flavour beans. Here she is eating a vomit or ear wax flavor beans.

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