Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gallery Walk!

Brattleboro VT has a Gallery Walk the first Friday of every month. It is like a party in the street! Especially in the summer. We parked behind the railroad tracks and walked up through the graffiti filled alley.

Mullien is blooming there, I love the butter colored flowers that open like a multi-petaled clam on the tall stalks.

The leaves are soft and furry, people used to use them for bandages and Mullien flower oil has been used to help with ear pain/infections for centuries. I'm going to make some up this summer and try it on my ear, which still hasn't totally healed.

The stalks are tall and poke up all over the place this time of year. Another name for them is "Hag's tapers" because they were used in ritual by women in ancient times. They would dip the stalk in beeswax and light it to dance and celebrate, making magic in the night.

Sometimes you can even see a pig on a leash!

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