Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hogworts Feast at Chandlers

Lily was skeptical once I told her that the feast was a regular restaurant and not the Great Hall in Hogworts castle.

She was quiet for a bit, with a furrowed brow...

Then she said, "But there won't be four tables! How will we know what house we're in?"

She wore her cape. She was Ginny Weasley. We met her friends there and they had a great time.
Chandlers did a wonderful job.
There was a sign at the entrance that said "PLATFORM 9 3/4"
Everyone was wearing their capes and carrying their wands.

I caught Lily with her beautiful smile (She doesn't like me taking photos of her these days.)

Georgia was Luna Lovegood. She wore Rob's Scottish woolen tie and a button down shirt.

Here she is at the snake, lizard, hermit crab, hissing cockroach area/

So cool!

She touched the hermit crabs and the snake, but the hissing cockroaches grossed her out, "Those smell bad!"

Georgia eating a chocolate frog.
After dessert they all went out and cast spells in the garden.

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  1. Love this! I'm a huge HP fan.