Friday, July 22, 2011

More Sunset

I brought my Reiki Grid on vacation. I have been meditating and sending Reiki every morning which has been very satisfying.

Everyone has adjusted to the habit of 20 or so minutes of my meditation every morning. Well sort of, Lily was making fun of me the other day and she said in a high pitched voice, “I’m Mama, I’m always meditating.” while she waggled her head like Stevie Wonder.

It is interesting how inconvenient it is for other people when you try and fulfill your dreams and do what you need to do. But I recently realized most women my age probably spend alot more time grooming in the morning than I do. So, I’m trading in my grooming time for meditation. I feel so much more relaxed and whole as the day goes on, like I have done some important work that I am here to do and now I can just be present. I believe the meditation connects me to the power of the universe and recharges me. I believe the Reiki I send does travel and get to the people I love and that makes me feel happy and connected. But on hellish-packing-day I had meditated to a place of deep peace and I then still became a rancid troll (packing combined with lack of sleep combined with PMS is bad) and would have tied Georgia up in a velcro straight jacket for rebellious-smiling at me when I was scolding her for hitting Lily if I had one and if Lily wasn’t watching me.

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