Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer party

at our dear friend Miranda's parent's house in July.

I love going to Lisa and Bob's house because they have been kind and welcoming to us for all the years we have showed up at their house, enjoyed their company, hung out with their friends and family and devoured their really good food.

A fresh Mojito upon arrival. It was all so beautiful: tiny limes juiced in green lime press then lush mint leaves and sugar muddled together. YUM!
I wanted to squeal; I was so excited.

put in a tall glass
with some rum

then some seltzer

So wonderful; I just wanted to be alone with it and enjoy each sip.

Some art

Look at this blueberry cobbler!
And the pies!
One Strawberry Rhubarb and Rhubarb custard.


I had some of each.

Nice friendly seating on the porch with a sweet dog wandering around.

Oh the corn! the bowl! the butter!

When I go here I just enjoy looking around and taking in all the precious imperfect beauty that is everywhere.

Here's me in the bathroom. It's even interesting in there!

I wish I had more photos of the food, but it was a party and I didn't want to be a total freak, taking close-ups of the guacamole.
But in talking to Rob I realized that their fresh lively cooking has been an inspiration to us and Lisa's guacamole recipe and astounding baba ganoush have become our favorites at home.

I aspire to have parties like them.
And have been a bit intimidated to give it a try.
So welcoming, so delicious, so perfect.

Here's a cozy RV where Miranda's cousin was living while she had a cross-country adventure. The girls loved exploring the tiny space.

The view from the garden.

Big old trees to climb!

and races in the nearby school-yard.

Sweet patient dog and blooming rose.

Evening came in and it was time to go.

Mullein blooming

Pears and Fuschia overflowing

Georgia with a huge pink Zinnia she picked from a potted plant.

Rob and Georgia looking for fish in the pond.

Such summer fun.
So glad to have been there!

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