Friday, August 6, 2010

Maine critters

Oh we had a lovely time on vacation! (We got back last week, but I've overwhelmed trying to settle back in so I haven't sat down to blog.)

We had 10 days on the coast of Maine in Penobscot bay. The weather was great and, after I adjusted to a complete lack of familiar structure and any hope of alone time before 10pm, I had a really great time.

There were purple, yellow, rust and green starfish moving slowly in the bay. Georgia loved looking for animals and we spent most of our time down at the beach.
We found hermit crabs, crabs, fish, star fish, sea urchins and periwinkles.
From afar, we saw loons, cormorants, gulls and a seal.

Lily was a swimming maniac, diving to the bottom and retrieving what she found there. Here is one of the spiny green sea urchins she brought up to the dock for us to admire. It's teeth were in the center hole of its base, a toothy circle around a grey mouth.

Below is one of the many chomped star fish we found. See the buds of new legs growing? I don't know if it was a seal or something else that was eating them, but I was inspired to see the new replacement legs coming in.

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