Friday, August 20, 2010

Harvesting Hops

We had a bumper crop this year. I love this plant! It grows like crazy and the leaves are so dark and pretty.

Rob would remind me that a negative thing about the glorious Hops vine is the stinging scratchy vines that claw at him when he gets into his tub.

I'll use the sleep inducing flowers for more dream pillows this year.

I have been chagrined to learn how much planning, organizing and paying attention it takes to be an herbalist making potions. For example: I totally missed St Johnswort this year. I was in Maine when it bloomed and then the season was over. I usually have plenty of time to harvest the weedy yellow flower but it was so dry that the plant was dry and gone when I got back from vacation.
When I realized I missed it, I even called herbal farms and herbalists up in Vermont to see if they had any blooming. I was going to do a road trip for plants. Several herbalists nicely called me back to say, "Too late this year." Bummer. SO much for stickers and price lists and organizing when you miss the blooming window. Darn.

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