Sunday, August 29, 2010

Brattleboro Farmers Market

Our first time this year.

So many beautiful things to see.

We got lemonade and orange juice. It was hot out. The fruit was so gorgeous and bright.

Mango and sticky rice lured the children to come. The rice was dense and sweet; the mango was juicy and ripe.

(When this is sold out, we are all very grumpy.)

Super sweet Asian pears were pricey, but we didn't quite get how pricey until we paid!

Rob and the girls gobbled theirs up and I put mine in my purse for later.

We went to the river and Georgia and Lily climbed a tree before we went home.

A sight when I got home.
My apple wearing a bracelet like a crown.
I felt guilty eating it,
but I did!

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