Sunday, October 14, 2012

Visiting Miss Sparkle

We love to visit our chicken, Sparkle, at our neighbors where she is doing very well.  We think she is the prettiest sweetest chicken around.

You can see she is a bit bigger than the others and Jill, her adoptive chicken mother, broke it to us this week, that Sparkle is actually a bully.

Our Sparkle!
A Bully!
She also is molting -again.  She seems to have a bit of gout and her egg shells are going through a soft phase again.
So our prize chicken might not be a prize, but we are fond of her and so glad she's still alive in a chicken friendly environment, although it's too bad she might be a jerk.

Rob and the girls would love to get chickens again.  The girls love to chase the chicks, pick them up and carry them around, clucking.

Having our own chickens was too stressful for me and for Cookie so I say no way.

Although I did love them wandering around the yard in the sunshine.
Lily in her favorite sweatshirt and moccasins.  Our yard is through the woods on the other side.

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