Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The day I got home from the hospital after my back surgery I went to my book shelf to pick a book.  I had so many wonderful ones to choose from.  I was surprised to find myself drawn to a series of crystal healing books I have had hanging around for more than a decade.  They always seemed too dense and complex and if I was looking for information on crystals I would look in one of the books that was more like a guide book, where I could look up each stone individually.

When Rob and I lived out in Oregon in 1992 he worked at Powell's books and I had alot of free time.  We had moved out there for me to go to Reed College and after a semester, it was very clear this was not the place to get an education in feminist anthropology, like I had hoped it would be; so I applied to other schools and took a semester off, working as a nanny.

I read many many books at that time.  We were swimming in them.  It was a time of discovery. (We also found coffee. I have a funny memory of crying with a heart rate of about 120 as I wandered the aisles of the huge city-block-sized bookstore, waiting for Rob to get off work,and then realizing it might have something to do with the triple espresso drink I had just ingested for free at the bookstore coffee shop.)  We perused the aisles of the eclectic bookstore for hours and enjoyed living together, being far from New England for a bit.

We were very young and cute.  Weren't we?

Anyway, I read many books by Diane Stein
She was a gentle teacher in the ancient healing crafts of women using energy, herbs, crystals, colors and many other methods.  I started my crystal collection then and have used them to wear, give as gifts, put on my altar, or even sleep with, over the years.

I even found this on a recent trip to my parent's house.
It was a science project from 5th grade using electricity to light up a light-bulb when you matched the correct month with its birthstone.  I remember being very excited about stones and crystals even then.

So, I've really enjoyed finally reading the Katrina Raphaell books over the last month.  I've also spent more time with my crystals now that they are out on my desk.  They look so beautiful in the light.

I am excited to make them part of my healing practice.  Crystals can be used to quickly remove and move energy blockages and transmit positive healing energy.

This large quartz crystal is called an ISIS crystal.
It has a 5 sided face and is said to transmit and connect with feminine energies.  As Katrina Raphaell writes, "The Isis crystal, also referred to as the Goddess crystal, demonstrates how to spiritually unite the elements of polarity.  The configuration of the 5 angles reach perfect completion in the culminating point, showing the possibility for mental and emotional balance in the material world." p.164 The Crystalline Transmission

Sounds good, right?

Clear quartz points help to focus and direct energy.  Here is my collection of them in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Isn't this necklace lovely?  My friend, who had no idea of my recent crystal immersion, sent me this quartz necklace from Rock River in Vermont when I was recovering.  I love it.  It's got little rainbows when it catches the light, just so.

Here are some lovely big quartz crystals I have been collecting over the years.  I go to bead shops and new age shops, but some of the best finds have been at local gem and mineral shows and natural history museums. 

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  1. Wow - you're so cute! Both of you.
    I thought the November stone was topaz.
    I miss you - sorry I wont' see you tonight.