Saturday, October 20, 2012


Finally the sun came out this weekend!

We stopped by Upingill to get some milk and Georgia made friends with the kitty.  She still has her cat-whisperer gift.

Mini gourds on the windowsill. It's so strange to see sunshine and shadow.

Lily had soccer practice at 8:30 Sat morning and Georgia and I went down to the river.  It starts out foggy and then the sun burns it off and suddenly we're squinting and hot.

We also went to Picadilly Farm.  It was a good day for farms and food.  Georgia prayed to find a dead mouse (We were told that Suzie had already picked up 4 corpses that morning from the hard work of the mother and daughter mouser cats.)  Georgia scoured the barn and found one she wanted to bring home.  No way!  Here's Lily in the doorway of the barn.  The world outside looked so bright when we were leaving the barn.

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