Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Outside nap

I was finally ready to brave getting on the trampoline after a month of healing from my back surgery.  Not to jump, but for an outside nap on a wonderful warm sunny afternoon.

I climbed up and settled in just as the drone of the neighbor's leaf blower kicked in.  Really?  After your house has been pretty much abandoned for the last year?  Your going to drop someone off to mow, weedwack and leaf blow?  During my first attempt at a the outside nap I've been dreaming about and yearning for, for forever?

I had taken a sniff of the precious rose oil I had received as a sample in the mail. It takes 60 flowers to make one drop of rose oil!  This was from Turkey and smelled Heavenly.  A bit remained on my nose and I could smell it; apparently so could a bee.  It hovered above my face. I covered my face with my comforter.  I could hear it buzzing just over my head the entire 45 minutes I was out there.  The leaf blower noise came and went.  I did not sleep. 

Here is a photo of the warm sleepy chamber I was in, under my comforter, hiding from bee and lawn equipment.  It was not the restful nap I had hoped for, but it did remind me of being under the covers at night with a flashlight when I was a kid.  And it did drive home how powerful essential oils are and how far their scent can travel.....

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