Sunday, October 28, 2012

Skeleton Crew
We went to the interactive forest walk with the Skeleton Crew last night.  It was really fun and quite magical.  I highly recommend it.  Georgia and Lily were elated after we came out from the candlelit woods at the end of the hour long performance. Georgia wanted to stay and live there.

There was a quest with riddles to be answered, puzzles to connect and choices to be made.  It was the perfect blend of a little bit spooky but mostly funny and beautiful.

Here are three large witches by a cauldron.  They were siblings who fought all the time.  They asked if people in the audience (10 or so people at a time, led by 3 guides through the woods) could relate. We all could.

The girls were mesmerized.  Part of the fun was that we didn't really have any idea what to expect.

Our friend picks the rubber rat out of the pile of leaves to add to the brew!

 The Skeleton reminded me of Johnny Depp in the Pirates movies.  He was goofy and dancing, which helped the children stay brave as they entered the graveyard in the moonlight.

The quest ended happily with the Jack O'Lantern.  The bright lights in the darkness were welcoming us back to the campground and the Pumpkin puppet was very enthusiastic.  All the puppeteers were amazing.  There were many more creatures I didn't capture with my camera.  The girls wanted to go right back in and do it again, but Rob and I were tired.  It was great time and now, hopfully, we won't be quite as furious when another storm messes with our trick-or-treat plans.
Good Luck and Happy Halloween!

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