Saturday, October 13, 2012

Retreat Farm

We headed to the retreat farm before it closes in October.
 The chick room is filled with soft fluffy chickens.
So sweet.

  There were two litters of piglets and a pregnant sow who was starting to labor.

Lily gave the very pregnant sow a back scratch.
While Georgia fed the white rabbit some Red Clover flowers after she got chased out of the adult chicken room by a testy rooster.
I kept returning to the pink piglets.  I had just been listening to a lecture on sibling rivalry.  The speaker was saying that sibling rivalry is wired in.  Even in a happy balanced family the children are always very aware of what kind of attention their siblings are getting from their parents.  It is a survival mechanism.  It was funny to see the piglets burrow and kick into their brothers and sisters to get the food they wanted.  There was alot of squealing!
Lily let this piglet nibble on her hands with its sharp little teeth.  It is such a pretty farm, sunlight pouring in the open windows and little sparrows moving into the barn and hopping around then flying back out into the fresh air.

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