Sunday, June 17, 2012


I settled onto the rocky beach.  Georgia collected precious things and laid them beside me on the warm smooth rocks.


Rob bought a kite and Lily and Georgia ran up and down the bright beach with it. It's a great horned owl and it flapped its wings convincingly.

I rested my back on any flat surface I could find.  Our hotel had nice firm beds and I was pleased to be feeling as good as I did after being in the car and trolly so much the day before.
Lily.  Happy.  Feather in her hair.

Ahh hello Rosa Rugosa!  This is the place we first met!  Rob brought me here, to the bird sanctuary in Biddeford Pool Maine, when we were first dating 23 years ago.  I loved the rocky cliffs and the roses growing right on the water's edge.  We've gone back almost every year.  I planted the Rosa Rugosa in my yard because I loved it so at the ocean.  (Rob's mother warned me against planting it.  She said it would sprout up everywhere in the garden and poke me with its prickers.  She was right, but I would plant it again!)

I brought a sterilized jar to tincture up some beach roses this year.

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